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Welcome and introduction

Aldo Pietro Maggioni (Italy) and John McMurray (UK)

Aldo Pietro Maggioni introduces the symposium and sets the scene by showing patient videos with their perspectives on living with heart failure on a daily basis.



Welcome and introduction - Aldo P Maggioni

Welcome and introduction - Aldo P Maggioni

I think it is time to start, welcome to everybody, good afternoon here, in Florence. My name is Aldo Maggioni, I work here in Florence, so welcome to all of you. We are starting this quite important symposium entitled “Stepping up to improve outcomes in heart failure: the role and future of new versus current treatments”.


These are my disclosures and I would like, just briefly, to describe to you what the learning objectives of this meeting are.

Learning objectives

The first objective is to highlight the significant burden that heart failure has on patients, caregivers, society and the healthcare system, and to identify and understand the unmet needs despite the current treatments that you had, just a few minutes ago, the opportunity to see the updated guidelines, and to appreciate the possibility to prevent and treat the risk of sudden death and worsening heart failure, also in patients that are stable and try to reduce, as much as possible, this risk, and, finally, to understand how patients would benefit from integration or switching to the new evidence-based treatment discussed just before this meeting.


The programme is as follows, there will be a short video showing you a patient perspective regarding heart failure, then Professor Martin Cowie from the UK will show you the unmet needs in the treatment of heart failure, the clinical and real-world evidence, then Professor John McMurray, improving heart failure outcomes: what is the role and future of new versus current treatments, and, finally, in a few minutes we will try to summarise the key learning points.


Just some housekeeping suggestions, please mute your mobile phones and electronic devices; thank you very much if you are doing that.


For the questions, we have two ways to raise questions, the usual way to move to the microphones that are in the room and you also have some question cards, please fill them in and a hostess can collect these question cards and we will ask the questions to the speakers at the end of each presentation, so we will have a discussion after each presentation, so fill in this question card immediately during the presentation or immediately after.

Evaluation form

With respect to the evaluation form, there is an evaluation form on your seat and we would greatly appreciate if you can fill this form in; that is very useful for the organisation that organises the congresses.

Thank you very much for your attention.

[Video – Living with heart failure: the patient’s perspective (in a variety of languages)]


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